tango core 2


Thursdays, 7:45-9 pm at Annapolis Athletic Club

1031 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403


You must attend several Tango Core 1 Series and/or have the teacher's permission.*


a) Refine and build upon fundamental elements, techniques, and figures.

b) Introduce more complex figures (beyond the basic movements).

c) Get you comfortable dancing in and out of close embrace, and transitioning between them.

d) Deepen your understanding and expression of tango, vals, & milonga music.

e) Build confidence and skills for social dancing at milongas.

Drop-in Class Rates

AT Member $13

Non-Member: $18

4-week Series Class Rates

AT Member $40 ($10/class)

Non-Member: $60 ($15/class)

5-week Series Class Rates

AT Member $50 ($10/class)

Non-Member: $75 ($15/class)

We recommend attending at least one of the first 2 classes of the series. Entering in the 3rd or 4th class of a series is only recommended if you have a good foundation in the material we're covering.

*Most students stay in Tango Core 1 for several months (or more) before moving on to Tango Core 2. It really depends on how quickly each student develops the necessary skills for the more complex movements and faster pacing in Tango Core 2. If you have questions or feel you're ready to move up to Tango Core 2, please talk with J &/or Rachel.

Aside from these events, we also offer workshops, immersions and lectures.

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