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Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th

Location: SPRFC

Weekend workshops and registration details, TBD.

Brigitta Winkler (Berlin & NYC) was one of the FIRST teachers of Argentine Tango in Europe AND North America in this current tango revival period. She discovered tango in 1980. Since then, Brigitta has become one of the world's most praised teachers and innovative dancers of tango, inspiring legions of dancers worldwide with her creative approach and musical esthetics. 



Every Sunday afternoon we host a Practica. Practice is the foundation of the community and an integral part of the learning process - an opportunity to practice what you've learned in class and bring it into your body naturally. Time and again, we've heard how warm and welcoming our community is - the practica is the perfect place to get to know people, practice, and give each other feedback. You don't need to come with a partner. All levels welcome! 

Check calendar for holiday breaks, special events or cancellations


$10; $5 when taken with class prior to Practica


Sundays,  3 - 5:30PM

Location: SPRFC


Milonga Fábrica

Hosted by Fábrica Tango, Milonga Fábrica takes place every 4th Saturday in DC, often with a very special DJ. Visit for details.

Fábrica Tango Annapolis has a milonga (a social dance party) every few months; we also host Guest Teachers and hold special workshops

In Buenos Aires, she worked with legendary dancers, including Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Gustavo Naveira and Eduardo Arquimbau. Brigitta co-founded the highly respected Tanzart studio in Berlin in 1987, the internationally acclaimed performance company Tango Mujer in 1996, and co-created the Teacher Training Network with Tomás Howlin in 2008.  In between world travels, Brigitta teaches regularly in NYC and PHYNIXtanzt in Berlin.

Brigitta combines over 30 years of international experience in tango dance, instruction and performance with techniques of Body Mind Centering.  She is an equally gifted resource for both close embrace and open style tango. Her workshops are insightful, creative, and incredibly fun!  

“The faithful believe, and I count myself among them, that the dance holds the promise of something more, always something more. We speak often of “communication” and “connectivity” but these are vague, ill-defined terms…  It has been said that there is a kind of “transcendence” associated with tango at its best, although here too language has a way of slipping from our grasp just when we need it most. I’ve written elsewhere about the sense of shared intimacy, the sense of being in the moment together, the sense of exhilaration brought about by the smooth flow of movement while in another’s arms. There is a feeling of elation that is achieved when tango “works,” a kind of bliss associated with living truly and completely in the moment. Broad, vague, overused terms, I know. And yet . . . When we speak of sharing or connecting or communicating in tango, I think this is what is meant. It is something that has less do with skill than with the complete engagement with the man or woman in your arms. It is based on trust and attentiveness more than it is on technique (however necessary) and to achieve this requires that we give something of ourselves, that we are able to give ourselves to the dance, to the music, and, most importantly, to our partner. A kind of faith, if you will, an unproven belief in our ability to achieve something extraordinary, something so far out of the range of ordinary experience that we are willing to give everything we have to try to obtain it. It is a bit like love. It is our heaven, and our hell.”
    ~ R. Bononno

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