tango curriculum

Learning to dance tango is like learning to speak a language. And like any language, the purpose is to listen and express, resulting in a shared experience.

At the heart of any communication process is the idea of feeling connected to another who understands and reciprocates. In tango, this idea is practiced through the mastery of Fundamental Principles. 

In any form of communication, you will need to learn speaking and listening techniques in order to express and understand. In tango, those would be the Fundamental Techniques.


In order to learn to master those principles and techniques, you will need to learn some words and how to compose sentences. In tango terms, those would be Fundamental Elements and Combinations.

In your growth as a tango dancer, it is important to remember that all the things you learn are in pursuit of the essential magic of tango: two individuals with two minds, two hearts and four legs, moving as one being.


Side Step

Forward Step

Back Step

Weight Shift

Rock Step

Forward Pivot

Back Pivot


Salida (Entrance/Exit)

Cruzada (Cross)

Milonguero Turn (Turned Cross)

Forward Ochos

Rock Step Turn

Ocho Cortado

Media Luna



The Step

The Embrace

Proper Posture

Timing / Musicality





Shared Creativity



If you are a new dancer, or someone who has little tango experience, we suggest you attend our Beginning Tango Boot Camp Weekend. 

If you have attended our Tango Boot Camp or have comparable experience in tango, we suggest you attend our Tango Core 1 series. 

If you have significantly more tango experience (several months to several years), we suggest you attend our Tango Core 2 series. 

If you're unsure what class you should be in, please contact us at annapolistango@gmail.com


If you want a faster way to master these movements, concepts and principles, sign up for some Private Lessons.