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argentine tango

Argentine Tango is a social dance, born out of the immigrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires in the early 1900s. Over the past century, its popularity spread beyond the Argentine dance halls and into the hearts of people from all nations and ethnicities. Today, this world-wide phenomenon is enjoyed, practiced and embodied in nearly every major city worldwide. 

The Annapolis Tango community, established in 2016, continues to grow as more and more people learn this intriguing and beautiful dance, becoming part of what we aptly call "our tango family." This tango family resides not only in Annapolis but also extends to every corner of the world.  


Social Dance

Join us every Sunday for a wonderful afternoon Practica and every 4th Saturday for Fábrica Tango DC's fabulous   social dance in DC, Milonga Fábrica


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Group Classes


Fábrica Tango Annapolis offers well structured courses where you will learn together with a group of students once per week.


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