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I’m new to tango. Where do I start?

Any class or series that has the Beginner symbol next to it is appropriate for folks completely new to tango. We know it's scary to show up to that first tango class (we've been there!), but dive in, you will love it and we will take care of you.

Do I need a partner to take your classes?

No. Many people come alone and make friends as they learn. We invite class participants to rotate partners during the class. This way you can get to know your fellow students and practice your dancing skills with different people. Staying with your own partner is also welcome. The only time we actually require people to register with a partner is for advanced level classes and workshops. For these classes, we typically ask students to work with the same partner throughout. 

What kind of clothing should I wear?

We recommend you wear something comfortable that you can move in. Once you’ve got the tango bug, check out Cielo, our very own brand of Tango Apparel! Cielo is dance attire created

by tango dancers for tango dancers with comfort, beauty and function built in to the design.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

If it's your first (ever) tango class, you can wear any chose you feel comfortable in. You can even take your first class in socks! If you've decided that you like tango, we suggest buying dance shoes as soon as possible, to protect your body and enhance your learning and enjoyment. Fábrica tango has its very own brand of outstanding women’s and men’s tango shoes called Cielo. We are also distributers of Regina tango shoes. Tango shoes are an expensive investment.

If you're not quite ready to fork out for the real deal, you can also start out with some ballroom or latin dance shoes with a suede sole.

How early should I arrive to class?

Make sure you have enough time to park, check-in, get settled, change your shoes, and

anything else you may need to do before we begin the class. We suggest arriving at the classroom 10 minutes before the class begins.

What level am I?

Please visit our group classes page to identify which level is right for you, and feel free to reach out to us if you’re still not sure.

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