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the world of tango

No mistakes in the Tango, not like life. Simple, that's what makes the Tango so great. You make a mistake, get all tangled up, just Tango on.

— Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman

Tango everywhere

Your bus driver, your doctor, your teacher or your local police officer — you wouldn't know it, but they could be part of the global culture of tango. They pull themselves out of their normalcy and dive into the world of walking embraces, driving rhythms and heart-gushing melodies. Some find it as an escape from the worries of their day. For some, it is that which colors in the empty spaces between the defined lines of daily routine.


All have their reasons; all have the need to fulfill their curiosities. And all congregate at their milongas (tango dance parties) to get a glimpse of that which sparks the fire in their hearts. They invest in their art at classes and workshops, with hopes to hold the fire longer, together with another.

To some, they get thrilled with flashiness of the figures. To us who have been dancing for years, tango is more than just movement. It is chasing a feeling of indescribable togetherness in the music and the embrace, as each couple hopes to get lost in the crowd.


Find out a little bit more about the tango in the videos below. 

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