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Argentine Tango is a social dance, born out of the immigrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires in the early 1900s. Over the past century, its popularity spread beyond the Argentine dance halls and into the hearts of people from all nations and ethnicities. Today, this world-wide phenomenon is enjoyed, practiced and embodied in nearly every major city worldwide. The Annapolis Tango community, established in 2016, continues to grow as more and more people learn this intriguing and beautiful dance, becoming part of what we aptly call "our tango family."

For those interested in learning or simply curious about Argentine Tango, below is a list of regularly scheduled local events, links to the organizers and more resources. Be sure to join our Facebook Group for the most recent updates on classes, practicas and milongas (social dances) and subscribe to Fábrica Tango for information on Sunday classes. COME DANCE WITH US!


Every Sunday afternoon we hold a warm and welcoming “Práctica” (open practice time) with light snacks and refreshments. All levels, styles and role choices are welcome. On weeks that classes are held prior to the practica, the practica is hosted and guided by Aja Fenn. She is available to help with whatever you’re working on in your dance! In Aja’s absence the practica is placed in the caring hands of our wonderful team member, Baird Straughan.

PRACTICA - 3 - 530pm, $10 at Severna Park Racquetball & Fitness Club  

CLASS SCHEDULE & DETAILS, visit Fábrica Tango 

and check our Facebook group for updates.


Learning the other role in tango is an excellent way to deepen our understanding of this mysterious musical collaboration. There is music, we rotate partners, and we bring whatever we are currently working on to share. Attend all or part of the evening whenever you can make it. Come and join us if you are wanting to strengthen your skills at leading (for followers) or following (for leaders). Hosted by Christina Pax.


630 - 830pm, free of charge in the small dance studio at Severna Park Racquetball & Fitness Club  

UPDATES and SCHEDULE CHANGES are posted under events on the Facebook page


A milonga is a social tango event or dance party. We have two different milongas in the Annapolis area. If you have not yet attended a milonga, please read this informative page.


On Tuesday evening February 27th, we shall re-boot our beloved milonga at O'Brien's Pub in downtown Annapolis! The next milonga will take place on March 19th and TANGO'BRIEN'S will occur from then onwards every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. Come to watch, dance, eat, drink and socialize. No entry fee, DJ tip jar. Casual milonga with traditional music. You can always count on a Swing song mixed in and a chance to dance Chacarera, a traditional argentine folk dance! Organized by Julie McCormick.

Opening Milonga, February 27, 7-10pm

1st and 3rd Tuesdays starting March 19, 7 - 10pm

O'Brien's Pub, 113 Main St, Annapolis, MD

CHECK UPDATES on the Facebook page



Every 2nd Friday of the month, Debbie Badro hosts, Encanto Milonga, a formal milonga in the beautiful large studio of Severna Park Racquetball & Fitness Club. Light appetizers, free and easy parking and as always warm embraces on a comfortable hardwood sprung floor. 


Every 2nd Friday of the month, 8pm - midnight. $15

Severna Park Racquetball & Fitness Club, 8514 Veterans highway Millersville MD

CHECK Tango at the Club Facebook page for milonga details

encanto png file.png


CAPITAL TANGUEROS - A reliable up-to-date calendar of all the Argentine Tango classes and events happening in the Greater DC, Baltimore and Maryland areas.

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Photo credit of some* photos below: Sheila White Guevin


Before tango overtook her life, Julie McCormick danced professionally with Hubbard Street Dance Company, FELD Ballets/NY and Twyla Tharp Dance Company. She is an ABT® (American Ballet Theater) Certified Teacher and has been on the faculty of The Washington Ballet School and many others. But after a trip to Buenos Aires in 2015, she returned to her home in Annapolis hooked. This beautiful, sensual dance had quickly taken root. She sought out the few local tangueros in the area and organized a weekly class and practica. Their first official class in January 2016 brought 40 new dancers and suddenly a community was born. Over the next two years, Annapolis Tango was host to master teachers from around the world and grew into an established, welcoming tango community. During that time, J Abling and Rachel Moon came to teach and eventually the community had the honor and pleasure of having them as full-time resident teachers for the next several years. In the fall of 2021, Annapolis Tango became a sister school of DC’s Fábrica Tango run by esteemed and adored teachers Aja Fenn and Masha Abapolnikova who have served the Washington metropolitan area and the global tango community as teachers, performers and event organizers co-jointly for over 20 years. We are honored to have Aja with us on many Sundays, offering exceptional classes and overseeing the practica.  As the community moves forward, we are excited to create more connections, meet new friends and expand your tango horizons! 

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