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argentine tango

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Argentine Tango is a social dance, born out of the immigrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires in the early 1900s. Over the past century, its popularity spread beyond the Argentine dance halls and into the hearts of people from all nations and ethnicities. Today, this world-wide phenomenon is enjoyed, practiced and embodied in nearly every major city worldwide. 

The Annapolis Tango community, established in 2016, continues to grow as more and more people learn this intriguing and beautiful dance, becoming part of what we aptly call "our tango family." This tango family resides not only in Annapolis but also extends to every corner of the world.  

After a trip to Buenos Aires in 2015, Julie McCormick returned to her home in Annapolis hooked. This beautiful, sensual dance had quickly taken root. She sought out the few local tangueros in the area and organized a weekly class and practica. Their first official class in January 2016 brought 40 new dancers and suddenly a community was born. Over the next two years, Annapolis Tango was host to master teachers from around the world and grew into an established, welcoming tango community. During that time, J Abling and Rachel Moon came to teach and eventually the community had the honor and pleasure of having them as full-time resident teachers for the next several years.


In the fall of 2021, Annapolis Tango had yet another growth spurt, becoming a sister school of DC’s Fábrica Tango run by esteemed and adored teachers Aja Fenn and Masha Abapolnikova who have served the Washington metropolitan area and the global tango community as teachers, performers and event organizers co-jointly for over 20 years. Together, Masha and Aja have built a non-profit, trained new teachers, and taught hundreds of people how to dance tango! Their student base spans the full spectrum of beginner through to teachers-in-training, bringing about an entire generation of wonderful DC dancers.

As Fábrica Tango Annapolis moves forward, we are excited to create more connections with the larger DC community, meet new friends and expand your tango horizons! 


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